Weekend GetAways

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# Event Name Date Time Location Book
1 Meghalaya,India 06.12.2019 10.00 AM Delhi Book Now
2 Singapore & Malaysia 16.12.2016 10.00 PM Dubai Book Now
3 God Towers, TOKYO, JAPAN 16.12.201 10.00 PM JAPAN Book Now
4 TOUR DE ROMANDIE, Switzerland 16.12.2016 10.00 PM Switzerland Book Now
5 TOUR DE POLOGNE, Poland 16.12.2016 10.00 PM Poland Book Now
6 Future of Marketing,Sydney, Australia 16.12.2016 10.00 PM Australia Book Now
7 Eiffel Tower, Paris 16.12.2016 10.00 PM France Book Now
8 PARIS - ROUBAIX, England 16.12.2016 10.00 PM England Book Now
9 Dubai Beach Resort, Dubai 16.12.2016 10.00 PM Dubai Book Now
10 TOUR DE POLOGNE, Poland 16.12.2016 10.00 PM Poland Book Now

Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport

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Register with your embassy

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Always have local cash

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Arieddin Sheik

Fantastic experience with Packthebags. I have relationship with packthebags from 2 yrs.Services of packthebags are priceless


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